Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wolves Updates 5/10

Though Mad Dog says he wants Golden State to win the series, he raves about Utah's Derek Fisher:
One time while he was injured we as a team were playing terribly. Before one of the games, Derek gave an impassioned speech while in street clothes and really tried to encourage the guys to take up their level of play a notch. Everyone in the locker room from Shaq to Kobe to Slava Medvedenko was all ears. Afterwards, Phil Jackson referred back to Derek as the emotional leader of our group.

True Hoop with a story from John Mellencamp about hanging backstage after a show with Kevin McHale and Larry Bird.

From Sam Smith/Chicago Tribune:
The Timberwolves are as unpredictable as any franchise in the NBA. The feeling now is they won't deal Garnett unless he absolutely makes a pain of himself demanding a deal and he's not likely to do that. The franchise is losing millions of dollars and the internal belief is they need Garnett's drawing power, whatever that is, and if he decides to walk out next year or the year after, then they just save the money and break even and start building again.

Twolves Blog with a Kevin McHale retrospective to determine if he does deserve to be fired.

Via RandBall, a list of the hall of fame probability leaders (according to these measurements), with Garnett at #41.

There will no shortage of suitors, but with Garnett able to exercise a player option at the end of the season, he's not going to command the full bounty that he might have brought in years past.