Thursday, May 31, 2007


Just in case, Mutoni at SLAM Online has an easy to follow breakdown of most of the recent Kobe Bryant drama.

Clyde Drexler on what actions Kobe should take:
"If Kobe was smart he'd be trying to get (Minnesota's Kevin) Garnett to come play with him,'' Drexler said.

Henry/True Hoop on possible trade scenarios for Kobe:
To Minnesota for Kevin Garnett? (I wish Bryant and Garnett could somehow play together, but I don't see how it could happen. The irony would be that if Garnett is a Laker, where would Bryant rather play? Yet another example why, if you want to win titles, you are better off not having a max contract. Too hard to end up alongside other stars.)

Lang/SLAM Online on the chances of Kobe signing with the Wolves:
Again, if I’m Kobe I’m not going to Minnesota.

Sam Smith/Chicago Tribune on the Lakers offseason plans:
The Lakers will do something significant. I'd do O'Neal this summer and with Garnett able to opt out after next summer, I'd work on him as a friend if I were Bryant and get him to sign a short exception deal and then get taken care of down the road by the Lakers, though with nothing actually signed.