Monday, February 05, 2007

Wolves Updates 2/5

The KG Super Bowl commercial can be seen here.

There's also a video that was filmed with a "hidden camera" in which Garnett talks about the ad.

Click here for a look at what some of the players do in their spare time. While most mention playing video games, Mad Dog says he makes loaves of bread for his teammates. Marko Jaric spends some of his time off the court trying to learn about "business" to ensure he has something to do in his post-basketball life.

Garnett on the team's current road trip:
"We're trying to get some consistency around here, man," Garnett said. "Witt told us this was probably going to be the toughest part of our schedule. And when he said that, he wasn't lying."

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
But one noticeable improvement since the coaching switch has been some renewed defense late in games. In the fourth quarters of Wittman's seven games, the Wolves have allowed 34.7 percent shooting (42-for-121) and an average of 20.0 points. In their previous 20 games, they were at 50.8 percent and 25.0 points. And in the first 20 games this season, the Wolves yielded 38.9 percent shooting and 21.9 points.

Bob Sansevere/Pioneer Press asks Coach Wittman some mostly non-hoops related questions. However, Wittman does say about Garnett:
He's getting more and more comfortable with being the focal point in the fourth quarter. The ball has got to touch him every time down the court come crunch time, because he's going to make the right decision, either by taking a shot or getting it to someone to take a shot. We're seeing more and more his willingness to take the last shot. There have been times in the past when he passed it up.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Zone defense helped the Wolves almost rally from a 17-point deficit in the third quarter. Wittman switched to a zone defense at that point, and that rattled the Mavericks.

"We threw a couple different looks at them, zone-wise, and we were pretty active in it," Wittman said. "We were pleased with that."

A preview of tonight's game at Houston.