Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wolves Updates 2/3

Garnett wants Coach Wittman to stick around beyond this season to help with the "younger guys" and because he believes that at "one point there has to be some consistency in what we're doing for the future."

Garnett also talks about what he saw as limitations on Dwane Casey as coach:
Garnett said he didn't want to see Casey lose his job but felt Casey had grown too influenced by vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale and owner Glen Taylor.

"At one point, a coach has to be a coach," Garnett said. "You can't be influenced by anything or any headmaster. I think Witt has a relationship with Glen, and he has a little bit more of a relationship with Kev. He'll speak his mind."

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune writes that the new coach hasn't received a new contract from the team for his services though "all signs point to Wittman as the Wolves' long-term -- as in, beyond this season -- choice to continue as head coach."

Eddie Griffin's status:
Aschburner also says that Griffin is "reportedly back home in Houston" and that GM Jim Stack "was reasonably sure there would be a resolution one way or the other in the next several days."

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press says that Stack "wouldn't rule out anything with Griffin, including a return to the team."

A preview of tonight's game at Dallas.