Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wolves Updates 2/4

KG on Eddie Griffin:
"I think he can be a real good addition to our team," Garnett said. "We're a defensive team, and I think he fits into what we're doing, but obviously management, for whatever reason, they're doing whatever."

Garnett makes a request before the Feb 22 trade deadline:
I've said from Day 1 that we need to have more vets.

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
Garnett, heading into Saturday night's game at Dallas, trailed Davis by only nine assists this season. That was the lone major category -- points, assists, rebounds, blocked shots and steals -- in which Garnett wasn't leading the Wolves.

Only five players in NBA or ABA history ever have done it over a full season. And Garnett, coincidentally, was one of them, topping Minnesota in all five stats in 2002-03.

In his discussion of Friday's game at the Hornets, Britt Robson/City Pages writes that "the statute of limitations on patience with point guard Mike James finally seems to have run out."

From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:
Look for the Timberwolves to finally dump one of their inconsequential guards for an inconsequential pivot player soon.

Mavericks' coach Avery Johnson on the Wolves after their coaching change:
"I think they're still in transition right now," said Avery. "They've tried to go to Kevin Garnett a lot more, but I think they're still trying to find themselves and find the right mix, but that's what happens when you have a transition like that."

David Moore at believes that Garnett "possesses championship character whether he ever wins a championship" and says that the player understands that "his status doesn't guarantee the right to play for a championship."

Fred Hoiberg is scheduled "
to scout three college games out east this week."