Wednesday, January 31, 2007

KFAN interviews with Wittman, Hoiberg

Randy Wittman was on the air with Chad Hartman yesterday discussing the win over the Suns, seeing Garnett "evolve," replacing Dwane Casey, and fielding questions from listeners.

Wittman said that after a week straight of good practices, Rashad McCants was "pretty close" to coming back and could possibly play in the upcoming road trip. The coach said he planned to work him in slowly.

Part I of Randy Wittman interview
Part II of Randy Wittman interview

Sludge and Lake's interview with Fred Hoiberg later that evening covered some of the same topics along with some joking about the herpes outbreak among state high school wrestlers.

Hoiberg said that McCants could start playing "hopefully in the next week."

About the Feb 22 trade deadline, Hoiberg said the team had been "very active and making calls" and that if something made sense, they'd "pull the trigger."

Fred Hoiberg interview