Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wolves 121, Suns 112

"Garnett, T'wolves snap Suns' 17-game winning streak"
"That's The Ticket"
"Feeling Minnesota"
"Wolves Sink Suns; End 17-Game Win Streak"

It's not often that the Wolves make front page sports news twice in two weeks. Headlines like the one above are a nice contrast to the recent articles discussing how McHale and the team should be content at .500 (which, incidentally, is where the team now stands).

Whether Phoenix had reached its breaking point because of consecutive wins and long road trips is almost moot. The Wolves, led by Garnett's monster performance which netted 44 points and 11 rebounds, had a good game against a team that had the best record in the league and hadn't lost a single game this year.

Last night's win was a much needed morale booster for both the fans and the team who, after losing just one game in the first part of January, have had to endure the following for the second half:

-a jawdropping loss to the Hawks at the Target Center
-having its star player ejected from a heartbreaking loss to Detroit and given a 1-game suspension
-Ricky Davis leaving the bench during the same game and also being suspended
-firing its head coach and experiencing severe media and fan backlash
-going 1-4 on last week's road trip (including a 101-132 loss to Phoenix)
-not being able to hear what Suns coach D'Antoni said to try and rally his players during last night's 4th quarter timeouts

"It’s tough to lose, but you know we didn’t play that bad today," said two-time defending NBA MVP Nash. "Kevin (Garnett) was amazing. They basically played a great game. I would much rather congratulate them and move on."

"It's just about being a presence," Garnett said. "It's about making them have to deal with me. I will continue to take that approach."

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After the game, "Garnett went up to Wittman, smacked him on the chest and yelled in his ear."

"It was heartfelt, letting him know we'll fight for him every night," Garnett said...

"We won it more for him and these fans, probably, than we won it for ourselves."