Saturday, January 27, 2007

Updates Part II

From Marc Stein/ESPN:
But Detroit's talks with Minnesota on a Mohammed-for-Marko Jaric swap have ceased, according to NBA front office sources...

on why Coach Casey was fired:
The theory here is backed up by multiple Wolves insiders: Firing the coach was the only big shake-up chip Minnesota was certain it could play this season.

on the Allen Iverson trade:
...according to NBA front office sources, Minnesota quietly believed it was leading the chase before Denver swooped in suddenly on Dec. 19 to deny Kevin Garnett his dream tag-team partner.
The difference, sources say, is that Denver had those two late first-round picks in the deep June draft to include in the deal. The Wolves had no first-round picks this decade to offer and were thus trying to manufacture a first-rounder by sending Ricky Davis to the Bobcats, with Davis' career having started in Charlotte with the Hornets. But Minnesota ran out of time.

on Kevin McHale:
...Minnesota still plans to transfer control of the front office at season's end to Fred Hoiberg, one of KG's all-time favorite teammates. It's conceivable that McHale could elect to stay on for one more season, given how much Taylor loves him...

A preview of tonight's game at the Clippers.

Wolves and Sonics postgame quotes.