Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wolves Updates 1/27

KG reacts to the TNT crew's Thursday night rant critiquing the team and suggesting he be traded:
"They ought to have a drug test before they let some of these people on TV, man," Garnett said..."Alcohol tests, see their levels. Everybody has to blow in a Breathalyzer test before you can get on TV."

"Why would somebody say some ... stuff like that," Garnett said, "when you're supposed to be the insight to millions of people watching basketball and you're supposed to be teaching? And you're talking about publicly tanking? C'mon, man.

"People say some unbelievably stupid stuff on TV. That's how I know I can get a job after I'm done with this. Y'know what I'm talking about?"

Randy Wittman on trading KG:
"He ain't going anywhere in my book," Wittman said. "As long as I'm coach here, I'm going to be against any of that. I'll just tell you flat-out. I'll vehemently deny having any part in trading KG. You heard it here first."

Eddie Griffin's reps are "expected to seek arbitration" on the team's attempt to buyout the player's contract.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
The Timberwolves explored trade possibilities to take advantage of their $4.2 million trade exception that expired Friday, but in the end nothing was a good fit, general manager Jim Stack said.

Rashad McCants is practicing with no restrictions, and the team remains hopeful he will return in the coming weeks from right knee surgery.

Dan Barreiro/KFAN blogs on last night's loss in Seattle and wonders what the team would have been if they'd "kept Ray Allen rather than swapping him for Marbury."

Garnett remains in the #3 slot of Kelly Dwyer/'s weekly player rankings.

From HoopsWorld's Rumor Mill:
The issues in Minnesota are larger than Casey, but word is the mood in the locker room turned on Casey, and many of the Vets on the roster had openly questioned Casey’s lack of experience as a cause for the losses and lack of consistency.

The Boston Herald on potential preseason games:
Nothing has been set, but if things go as hoped the Celts will play an undetermined opponent (Minnesota is a strong possibility) in London.