Friday, January 26, 2007

Dwane Casey interview

Dwane Casey was on KFAN with PA and Dubay this morning, calling in from his home in Seattle. You can listen to the interview here.

Among the topics Casey talked about:

His firing:
-"inconsistency" given as the explanation
-how he did not believe the players or his relationship with them had anything to do with his dismissal

His job performance:
-he thought he'd been growing as a coach
-mistakes and growing pains are expected when hiring a young coach
-said there wasn't one day he didn't think of or do something to improve the team
-said that the bottom line is that at the end of the day, the team was in the running for the playoffs and that's what he was expected to do
-said he didn't feel like he was given enough time
-on asked if it was unfair that he was fired, Casey said he didn't believe in "fair or unfair" in pro-sports

On Randy Wittman:
-Casey and Wittman had a long meeting when he was brought back in which Wittman assured him he had no desire to take over his position.
-Casey said he doesn't buy into the "conspiracy theory" that Wittman was hired to eventually replace him
-said he felt that Wittman was "an excellent replacement"
-said he doesn't understand talk of a "new system" being put into place because Wittman and the staff were already putting a lot of work into the team

Support recieved:
-Concerned phonecalls from the whole team and some staff
-25-26 coaches, assistant coaches, and GMs in the league expressing concern and telling him they thought the team was going in the right direction

Future plans:
-had calls about joining "different benches in the league" but isn't ready yet
-wants to coach again, but taking a "wait and see" approach
-watching tonight's Wolves/Sonics game on tv