Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wolves Updates 1/28

Garnett is unhappy with his performance in the recent road games:
"I'm not really happy with my play on this whole trip," the Wolves forward had said moments earlier. "I've got to turn it up another notch, take my [game] to the next level. I'm not really pleased with how I'm playing. Trying to get other people [involved], but I need to be a lot more aggressive than what I am. And flow better.
"I'm in no kind of flow like I would like to, going into the [All-Star] break. I've got to get this going."

Mad Dog says he heard about Casey's firing through phonecalls he received from a few writers. About Casey, he says the following:
Dwayne led us through the good and the bad times. Coach Casey knew how to draw up great X and O plays especially late in ballgames when the game was on the line. (San Antonio recent win). I think it was tough for management to release Dwayne also, but ultimately, we as players shoulder a lot of the responsibility for the move. If we had gotten the job done better on the court and won more games the firing would not have happened.

Madsen writes that after last night's win, Garnett "grabbed the game ball and brought it into the locker room to give to Coach Wittman."

Rashad McCants on being suited up for yesterday's game:
I care about the team a lot. That means a lot to me to be in uniform, not behind the bench. That's important to me. Witt understands my position and where I'm at emotionally with the team. To let me do this is an honor.

In an interview with the New York Times, Wolves GM Jim Stack says that the organization hopes Wittman will remain coach for "a long time." On Garnett, Stack says that "we hope he stays and we’re competing for a championship."
Andy Miller, KG's agent, remarks that his player's “brand of loyalty is subject to criticism and conjecture.”

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune, suggesting they be tracked as an individual stat, looks at the "won-lost records of each player's team or teams":
Just eyeballing the numbers, it might suggest that the Wolves, who were 20-21 (.488) at the time, were about where they should have been, given their players' NBA exposure to winning and losing. Maybe it shows a blunder in building a roster with players who haven't won, then assuming they can win...

Then again, maybe it says nothing of the sort...

Dave D'Alessandro/The Star-Ledger on Dwane Casey's firing:
It's hard not to make the connective premise. This could possibly be the precursor to the long-awaited Garnett deal -- give this badly flawed team one more chance at moving up before they decide that prolonging the mediocrity that has defined the KG era is no longer worth it.

Phoenix coach Mike D"Antoni also comments on Casey:
"He just got them turned around," Suns coach Mike D'Antoni said. "It's like, 'OK, great job, Dwane, we'll take it from here.' "