Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Updates

Ricky Davis, Justin Reed, and Crunch spent part of Christmas Eve delivering presents to single mothers and their families selected by St. Paul YWCA's transitional housing program.

Mutoni at SLAM Online thinks that while KG often "insists on sticking to the offense and the coach’s plan instead of imposing his will on the game," the game at the Pacers was a "'to hell with it' moment for Garnett."

Garnett on the bench players who helped out in the win in Indiana:
"I think the second group has been tested," said Kevin Garnett, who led all players with 29 points and 19 rebounds. "They got the opportunity to play the majority of the minutes [Saturday]. You can't ... moan about things you can't control. Everybody wants to play. But this was the [perfect example that] if you're not ready other guys will play."

Garnett on Randy Foye:
"Randy is a strong guard," Garnett said. "I think Randy has the rare [combination] of strength, agility, quickness. If he can get the midrange [shot] down, I think he'll be one of the best guards ever to play this game."

Coach Casey on Saturday's win:
"One of these nights we're going to get our offense and defense going together," he said. "I was happy our guys were able to get a road win in a tough place."

A letter to Santa from Scott Skiles as imagined by the Chicago Tribune, asking for Garnett to be delivered to the Bulls.

A preview of tomorrow's game against the Bulls.