Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/23

Britt Robson/City Pages recaps last night's loss and gives his take on Coach Casey. He writes that "there is no justice if Casey is canned and McHale stays on."

Owner Glen Taylor on Coach Casey:
"My thing with Case is, I'll come in here and talk. 'How's it going? Is there anything I can do to support you?' As upset as I get when they go through a difficult time, I know that Case and these guys are probably not sleeping.

"I don't have to tell them anything that they don't know. I try to be a positive person. 'Let's go!'"

Taylor added that he will ask Casey to explain certain decisions and strategies. "I don't try to tell him how to run the team," he said. "To put in this guy or that guy, or any of that type of stuff. That's not my deal."

After years of sitting on the baseline near the team's bench, Taylor now watches from one of the new VIP seats along the sideline, two spots from Casey.

Coach Casey on last night's loss:
"It goes back to our defensive approach, our defensive identity against a quick, jump-shooting team," coach Dwane Casey said. "Whether it's transition, halfcourt, whatever ... we've got to get some pride back into our defensive game."

On the Iverson trade, Marc Stein/ESPN explains why he thinks that "no team (or fan base) out there was hit harder by this deal than the Wolves."

The Painted Area compiles a list of current players who have the longest tenure with a single team. Garnett leads the list. (Via True Hoop)