Thursday, December 21, 2006

Updates Part II

KG after yesterday's game:
"I don't feel like we have an identity to what we are," Garnett said. "I think at times we show glimpses of being a defensive team. But when that fails, it just seems like we're average. We need to get an identity and stick to that. I think some nights we want to be offensive when we know the defense is very much better than (our) offense."

From Inside The Lakers:
There were a couple of jokes made after Wednesday's game about Kevin Garnett immediately demanding a trade after the Timberwolves' implosion. A couple of jokes also were made about the Lakers showcasing the package of Vladimir Radmanovic, Maurice Evans and Andrew Bynum they would offer Minnesota for Garnett.

During an ESPN chat with Chad Ford earlier today, a reader asks if the Iverson trade will have "an effect on what Minnesota could get for Garnett?"

Chad Ford: (12:08 PM ET) On your question about Garnett, I think it matters this way ... Garnett is more frustrated than ever I'm told that the Wolves couldn't land AI ... not sure he'll ever ask for a trade, but I think he sees how hopeless the situation in Minnesota really is.

Some of the Wolves believe the Iverson trade is good for Denver.