Friday, December 22, 2006

Updates Part II

Craig at NBA Fanhouse posts video of the annoying dance Vladimir Radmanovic did during the Wolves/Lakers game on Wednesday.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
It's happened before, and it will happen again this season. The Wolves must live and die by the jump shot, but they also must look for other ways to win when they aren't making those attempts.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Sometimes, though, there can be friction at the point where athletic ambitions intersect with a Mormon's religious obligations. A mission might cost an athlete two prime years out of a potential pro career. Former Stanford basketball star Mark Madsen says many athletes, himself included, are hopelessly out of shape when they return...

"It's impossible to understand how out of shape you are after a mission,'' Madsen said. "On a mission, no one's lifting weights, no one's running, no one's drinking supplements. There's no time to work out.''

Madsen also had to make a pronounced psychological transition. "A mission really mellows a person out,'' he said. "So much of Christianity is the kindness. On the court, you've got to have a mean streak, not in a dirty way but a very competitive way. That was an interesting thing to rediscover.''

Mike Trudell at the Wolves site talks to assistant coach Bob Ociepka about tonight's game against the Bucks.