Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/15

John Hollinger writes about this year's draft class "living up to its reputation as one of the weakest in memory." Foye is one of the rookies he uses to illustrate this:
Sixth pick Randy Foye was touted by many as a Rookie of the Year pick after dominating in summer league, but against more stout competition, he has struggled to get off the T'wolves' bench. He's shooting a mere 34.5% from the floor, though his high scoring rate offers hope that he might snap out of the funk. He'll have to if he wants to play, because Minnesota's backcourt is as deep as any in basketball.

Britt Robson/City Pages discusses last night's win:
Heading into tonight's wire-to-wire win over Portland, the Wolves were getting tossed about by one of those bouts of trepidation--call it a prelude to panic--where serious consequences like somebody getting fired or traded or benched are mulled over if not endlessly discussed. A four-game losing streak that offered no clues, directions, or much hope for the team's future was the cause. The ballclub needed to stem the negativity that pervaded the squad, and they did, in the best way possible; not by one or two spectacular individual performances, but with their most unified and completely performed effort of the still-young season.

Robson also mentions:
When Blount was bowled over in the fourth quarter, KG ran from midcourt down to the paint to help him up. You can name the superstars on one hand who would do that for a teammate.

From Mad Dog's Blog:
I'm glad that young players are able to come to the NBA if they are ready. But, it is amazing how players like Ricky, Kevin Garnett and Kobe are able to make the jump at such a young age. When I was 17 years old there is no way that I was mentally capable of thinking about going up against people like Shaq, Patrick Ewing, and Karl Malone.

Derok writes about the five stages of grief involved with the likelihood of Garnett leaving Minnesota.

Regarding Davis' "roaches" comment, Coach Casey says he's not going to tell his players what they can't say:
"They're grown men," he said. "You hope everyone's professional. We don't condone trash talking, but these are grown men. We don't want to feed the other teams bulletin board. I can't tell Ricky how to carry himself -- there's freedom of speech but ... if that got them fired up, I don't want to give it to them. You let your defense and your hooping do the talking."

The departure of Vin Baker leaves the Wolves with 14 players on the roster, but according to GM Jim Stack, "there is nothing imminent" regarding any moves or trades.

Rashad McCants is back in North Carolina attending the funeral of his grandfather.