Monday, October 23, 2006

Wolves Updates 10/23

ESPN held a chat with Paul Shirley this afternoon. The whole thing is a must read but below are excerpts. He says:
-the first thing he listened to after he found out he'd been cut was Tool
-the new ball is "an absolute travesty"
-Minnesota girls are hotter than the ones in Kansas City but describes both as "prudish"
-his favorite player is Radmanovic because he's "apathetic"
-he might dress up as an NBA player for Halloween since "that's obviously pretend."
-skipped TV On The Radio while in town to be "responsible" but regrets it
-about the Wolves season: "If they start well, they'll be fine. If they don't, it will quickly disintegrate."
He says that no other NBA teams have been calling and he hasn't figured out his options.

During Saturday's loss to the Pacers, "Mike James blew kisses to the rim after missing the front end of two free throws. The second was good."

The Basketball Jones posts some Wolves haikus they received.

Stephen Litel/SportsPageMagazine writes an almost too optimistic letter to Wolves fans asking them to cheer the team on this season instead of ridiculing them.