Friday, October 20, 2006

Wolves Updates 10/20

Paul Shirley talks about trying to get a roster spot during the preseason:
"In order to do anything well at this level, a person has to put everything he has into it," Shirley said. "That means physical exertion, mental effort and emotional time, into trying to make a team. When it's a constant guessing game, it becomes hard to continue to fight that fight."

Marko Jaric has been doing well coming off the bench as small forward:
"I'm in a position where I'm going to be very aggressive this year," Jaric said. "Every time I get the ball, I'm going to try to make something happen. I'm not going to rush. I'm going to try to wait for my moment. It depends on the momentum of the game. Is it time to get the ball to K.G. or is it time to try to create something, but I'm definitely going to be much more aggressive."

Charley Rosen puts the Wolves on a list of teams that need to win or start over. Rosen also grades the coaches and give "Mike" Casey a "C."

Clem Haskins' son Brent is going to be an advance scout for the team this season. previews the Wolves.