Sunday, October 22, 2006

Preseason: Pacers 98, Wolves 91

The Wolves ended a week long road trip with a loss to the Pacers in Iowa last night. Click here for the stats.

From the Pioneer Press:
...The starters seemed to start some of the games slowly, including Saturday's, when they fell behind 22-13 in the first quarter.

But the starters took control of the third quarter and won it 21-14 to turn a six-point halftime deficit into a 72-71 lead entering the fourth quarter. The lead grew to seven points in the fourth quarter, but the second unit couldn't hold on.

On the road trip:
"Even though it was long for the preseason, we kind of have to make a positive out of it," coach Dwane Casey said. "I think that's one thing they did gain from it, staying together on the road. Just time together on the bus away from family and friends, which was good."

Said forward Kevin Garnett: "We did some positive things on this trip. We still have a little ways to go, but for the most part we made some strides. We're communicating a lot better, executing a lot better. I think the first team is a little ahead of the second team, but that's good, knowing the first group is in a nice little rhythm. For the most part I feel good about our team right now."