Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wolves Updates 6/15

The Pioneer Press reports that the Wolves will be holding workouts on Thursday with Randy Foye, Ronnie Brewer, Rodney Carney, and Bobby Jones.

Draft Express lists a scheduled workout with J.J. Redick today but that's probably not happening.

Also from Draft Express, today's KG trade rumor:
A trade rumor that has been gaining some steam since the conclusion of the NBA pre-draft camp, this potential trade would send the disgruntled Kevin Garnett to Sacramento in return for whoever Minnesota wants with the #19 pick, Brad Miller, Kenny Thomas, and a newly signed and traded Bonzi Wells.

The Association links to a Portland radio station's "Draft The Stache" campaign to get the Blazers to select Adam Morrison. The songs submitted by listeners are by far the best part.

Good ole C.J. labels Garnett's choosing to be in Minnesota this time of year as "suspicious behavior." Unless he's watching the pre-draft workouts or getting ready to sell his house, I can't figure out why anyone with a place in Malibu would hang out in Mpls in the summer. Twins president Dave St. Peter suggests, "Maybe he's a baseball fan."