Monday, June 12, 2006

Wolves Updates 6/12

According to Sam Smith, The Wolves are said to be looking to move their No. 6 draft pick for a veteran to complement Garnett, though it's hard to imagine they could get someone significant at that level in this draft.

The Boston Herald reports that the Pacers may be in talks with the Wolves regarding a Jamaal Tinsley for Ricky Davis trade.

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Duke's Shelden Williams:
Sources said that Williams has pulled out of scheduled workouts with teams in the second half of the top 10 - including Minnesota, which picks sixth - indicating that a team in the top five has made a commitment to Williams that it will take him.

Sid Hartman writes that according to Glen Taylor
-Rob Babcock will return to his job as an assistant to McHale.
-Randy Wittman will be Coach Casey's top assistant while Johnny Davis will not be coming back.
-Rex Chapman's status with the Wolves after his one year contract expires "has not been decided."
-Taylor would allow GM Jim Stack return to the Knicks as an assistant to Isiah Thomas though Stack is still under contract.