Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wolves Updates 5/23

Wittman interviewed for the Wolves' coaching vacancy last summer, the position Casey landed. Wittman's arrival could lead to speculation he might replace Casey down the road if the team does not turn things around after a 33-49 record in 2005-06.
Casey said he wasn't worried about that, though, and welcomed Wittman's experience to the bench.

From the Star Tribune:
Said Casey: "He brings a lot of experience to the staff. That was an area where we were lacking a little bit."
Both Casey and McHale noted the number of close games the Wolves lost. They noted Wittman's ability to teach younger players, which he did a lot of in Orlando during the past season. A year ago, Wittman left the Wolves after four seasons to take a job with the Magic and coach Brian Hill.

The Pioneer Press speculates that assistant coach Johnny Davis could be "reassigned" due to the hiring of Wittman.

T-Hud could be back for training camp according to GM Jim Stack:
"He's been working with a chiropractor and getting therapy every day and getting some shooting done," Stack said. "He says he's feeling better. We just kind of have to see how he continues to progress."

Eddie Griffin finally had laser eye surgery.