Monday, May 15, 2006

Wolves Updates 5/15

Garnett is number 5 in's "Best Players Without An NBA Title."

Sam Smith (again) on KG:
I believe the Timberwolves will not trade him. I believe they'll trade for someone like Stephon Marbury to dress up the roster for the season ticket-holders and make it appear there's a chance when, more likely, they'll struggle to make the playoffs or miss them again. Meanwhile, they'll be wasting what's left of Garnett. I've long talked about getting Garnett, but even I admit he's a risk now. He has played more than 30,000 minutes, a career for most in the Hall of Fame, and been mostly healthy. He probably only has a few good seasons left. He's a much bigger risk now. But if the Bulls don't have to break up their team to get him, Garnett would be worth the risk. He is the hard-working, unselfish type of player they covet and could help them make a major move next season.

From the Pioneer Press:
Look for the Timberwolves to bring in former Gophers guard Vincent Grier early next week for a workout at Target Center. The Wolves like Grier's intensity and consider him a second-round pick in June's NBA draft.

Also from the Pioneer Press:
Former Mr. Basketball Minnesota and Mounds View graduate Nick Horvath successfully recruited former Moorhead State star Chris Anderson of Forest Lake to become a teammate on his Wellington, New Zealand, professional team this spring.
Look for Horvath to play for the Los Angeles Lakers' summer league team. The Timberwolves also showed interest in him.