Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Go Zarko!

Zarko Durisic, the team's director of international scouting, will be the Wolves rep for the NBA draft lottery tonight.
Said McHale: "Jarko told me he was the luckiest person he knows. I said: 'That's all I have to hear. You're going.' "

The team has
a 5.3 percent chance of getting the number one pick
a 6.02 percent chance of getting the number two pick
a 6.96 percent chance of getting the number three pick

The 9th slot is the lowest pick the Wolves can get in the first round.

The Wolves also have three second round picks whose order will be determined in the lottery.

Wolves Vice President Kevin McHale said there are a lot of big guards/small forwards, a position at which the Wolves are relatively well-stocked.
"I don't think we'll draft toward need," Stack said. "Because, typically, when you get a young player he needs time to acclimate to the NBA."