Monday, May 22, 2006

Wolves Updates 5/22

The Wolves officially announced the hiring of Randy Wittman as an assistant coach.
"I am tremendously excited to come back to Minnesota and join Dwane Casey's coaching staff and am grateful for this opportunity," Wittman said. "I look forward to working together to get this team back in the playoffs and to develop its corps of young talent in the process."

From Mark Cuban's blog:
But what I really, really like is how much Im heckled. Some cities are great and heckle with style and humor. The Clippers have 4 guys who put on wigs and jokingly call themselves the mark cuban fan club. They are always there when we play them and they make it fun. One year they brought a chucky doll and put a black wig on him and all game long they kept on stabbing the chucky doll. It was hysterical. Utah , minnesota, Golden State are all pretty cool. They actually have people who can heckle with some wit and intellect and get laughs from the people around the bench area.

The NBA Draft Lottery is tomorrow evening.