Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wolves Dancers In China

The Timberwolves Dance Team is hanging with Vlade Divac in China to launch the NBA's Jam Van Asian tour. They're performing and holding mock auditions "to give Chinese women the ability to experience what a traditional NBA dance audition would be like." In addition, some lucky fans in China will get to chat online with the ladies.

Thankfully for us, they've decided to blog about their trip:
Neen How!! Today was our first full day here in Shanghai. I woke up feeling surprisingly well; I think my excitement is over-riding the jet-lag. All of us dancers met up at 9:00 AM to get in a work out and get our bodies started for the day. Our hotel has a great work out facility. We each hopped on a treadmill, pumped our I Pods, and got started. Then I noticed that of course, the treadmill reads in kilometers rather than miles. We had a long discussion on how to do the conversion, knowing that a 5K is about 3 miles, we decided that running at 10 km/hr was a good pace.