Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mad Dog Forum

Mad Dog reminisces about playing with Kobe in his latest blog post:
The first year I was there, I can't tell you how many times I came into the game and Kobe tried to get me a dunk or a wide open layup to help me build some confidence. One time after a tough game at Memphis he invited me to meet up with him and his high school buddy for a steak dinner. Another time he stayed around after a game to meet up with the ten year old daughter of a buddy of mine for an autograph and a photo. Still another time when I was upset about a certain on-court team issue, Kobe took the time to listen to everything I was going through and tried to help the situation. Kobe Bryant went out of his way a lot when I was just figuring out what it was like to play in the NBA.

Madsen has also started a message board on his site. The forum is pretty innocuous thus far but that's because, at the moment, the only two registered users are the Dog and administrator.