Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wolves Dancers In China, Day 3

The dance team's blog is apparently just one of the ways in which we'll hear about their adventures abroad as the league is also "filming a reality show for the NBA that will show eight different segments in China."

For purposes of this show, the dancers were paired with their Shanghai Sharks counterparts and forced to play a few inane "games." The first was called "get to know the Timberwolves dancer." Next, the Wolves dancers were asked to recite a phrase in Chinese. The final task (dancer Cori's favorite) had the team bargaining with merchants to get the best deal on various purchases. All of this sounds like loads of fun for the Sharks dancers.

If the Wolves dance team is only three days into the trip and already thinks it's "very nice to see things on the menu such as: salad, ravioli, and sandwich" and has to participate in activities like the ones above, this sure to be enthralling reality show might become our second favorite viewing experience this summer.