Monday, May 08, 2006

NBA All-Caucasian Team

Mad Dog makes Nah Right's NBA All-Caucasian Team:
6th Man - Mark Madsen/Minesotta Timberwolves
Honestly, this guy made the list by default. He’s not that good but the lack of a united caucasian front in the NBA made it hard enough to find 5 players in the first place. Besides, has anyone ever seen this guy dance when he won titles with the Lakers? I think the MythBusters where trying to prove that white people don’t have rhythm and having Mark dance was all the proof needed. Seriously though, I like M&M’s game. He’s like a slow white version of Rick Mahorn minus any skills.

Szczerbiak, Kirk Hinrich, Chris Kaman, Mike Miller, and Brad Miller were also selected.

Thanks to JJ for the link.