Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wolves Updates 8/12

David Aldridge/Philadelphia Inquirer ranks every team based on offseason moves and places the Wolves last on the list.
It's not that the Wolves traded Garnett; it was time. But how did they not get the guy they really wanted - Rajon Rondo - from Boston? Rajon Rondo was a deal-breaker for one of the league's top five players? It's another example of how brain-dead this franchise has been for a decade. lists Al Jefferson at #3 on its list of players on the verge of stardom.
The centerpiece of the Kevin Garnett deal for Minnesota, Jefferson's advanced low-post skills will be put to good use next season. The Timberwolves are likely to run their offense through the 22-year-old power forward, who averaged 19.8 points and 11.5 rebounds in 25 games after the All-Star break last season for Boston.

Celtics assistant coach Armond Hill on Al Jefferson:
"That was the toughest part about getting Garnett, losing Al. He was a great kid, who really worked to improve his game. He is going to be a very good player in this league. I know he loved playing for the Celtics and the fans loved him. Sometimes you have to realize this is a business, first."

on Ryan Gomes:
"I am really going to miss him (Hill attended his wedding on Friday night). He worked on fundamentals as much as anyone. They don't make better people than Ryan. If I had a son I would wish it was him. Again, this is a business. He really improved his game and is going to be around the NBA a long time. I will miss Ryan a lot."

From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:
-Former Timberwolves coach Dwane Casey is headed to Brazil to conduct instructional basketball clinics.

-The Timberwolves' Randy Wittman, asked what it will be like coaching against new Celtic Kevin Garnett this season: "Different. But he knows us and we know him."

-Timberwolves public address announcer Rod Johnson won the Wisconsin State Auctioneering competition in Milwaukee the other day.

-By buying out guard Troy Hudson for $10 million, the Timberwolves saved $1 million on luxury tax for the coming season.

-Timberwolves coach Randy Wittman, who acquired, aside from Al Jefferson, four nondescript players from the Boston Celtics for Kevin Garnett, asked if he's a patient coach: "We're going to find out."

From Jim Souhan/Star Tribune:
Given the events of the past two weeks, could we reach the once-incomprehensible conclusion that the Timberwolves, among the three local pro teams with games televised on major networks, have concocted the most sensible plan?

From Sid Hartman:
Taylor realizes there is going to be criticism by fans because of the Garnett trade with Boston, but he is willing to take it.

"I'm really willing to take the chance, to step backwards a little bit, so that we can go build with these guys," Taylor said. "... I guess some people rip me, and it's part of leadership. ... When things don't go well, you're going to get criticized. And that's the way I take it, I understand that. I don't know, well I know I don't always agree that's justified, or that it's fair, or that people have all the information. But I do understand the world and that's the way it is. I mean it's just like Terry Ryan is getting criticized now and certainly he's done a great job on a lot of things, you know?"