Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wolves Updates 8/11

Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site chats with assistant GM Rob Babcock.

The team's site also has video of "Wolves dance team veteran" Erica sporting a Pistons/Billups jersey while interviewing an auditioning dancer.

Some People's Kids on the team- Too many MCs, not enough mics

The Basketball Jones with video of the NBA Rookie Dance Showdown.

Tom Ziller/Fanhouse on the corporate sponsors of NBA Europe Live, the league tour which will send the Wolves to Istanbul and London in the preseason.

From Brandon Glover/The Demopolis Times:
The Theo Ratliff Center, which was started as a way for the community to access facilities that they would otherwise not have, has been embraced by individuals of the area and it programs continue to grow. Ratliff said he has stayed involved with the center he helped create and is not surprised by its success.

Bill Simmons answers a few Wolves related questions from readers, including the following:
I'm wondering if per your rules of being a true fan, am I allowed to drop the Wolves in favor of the Celtics? I want to be a real fan, but I have so much respect for KG and very little for the Timberwolves organization. Can I switch teams without being a fraud?