Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Updates Part II

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo Sports declares the Celtics an offseason winner while naming the Wolves one of this summer's losers.
Again and again, McHale failed to make Garnett the cornerstone of a contender. Now, he has gutted a lottery team in the Eastern Conference and made it his own. Despite his stature as a beloved son of Minnesota, it's hard to believe Wolves fans have much patience left with him.

According to Mavs Full-Court Press , Mark Madsen is one of the player participating in the NBA Players' Association 2nd Annual Business Opportunities Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

From Brandon Glover/Demopolis Times:
With all of this Ratliff has still found time to contribute to the betterment of his hometown, helping to start the Theo Ratliff Center to encourage community activities. Ratliff has more recently been involved in work to expand the existing center, something he said has been in the works since the idea of a center first came about.

The Gold Seat takes a look at Al Jefferson.

Celtics Carnival of Blogs, a compilation of posts from Celtics blogs looking at the Garnett trade.

David Berri/Wages Of Wins Journal says that the Wolves are "not much" worse off without Garnett.