Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hartman interview with Glen Taylor

Glen Taylor was on KFAN with Chad Hartman following today's press conference. You can listen here.

Below is a summary.

On trade talks with the Wolves and Celtics:
When he talked to Garnett after the season, they talked about going younger and initially, KG said he wanted to be part of that. Then Taylor said reality set in for Garnett and the player wondered if that was what he wanted to do. Taylor said they "moved ahead on that together" and started to explore trade opportunities.

On whether there were legitimate talks with other teams regarding Garnett:
Taylor said he talked about Garnett with the owners of at least six teams. He was looking for young players, draft choices, and cap room. For a number of reasons, he said, these deals didn't work out. Taylor did say there were a couple times, judging by the team's initial enthusiasm, that Garnett could go to teams other than Boston.

On whether he is frustrated with Garnett's initial refusal to go to Boston because the team could have had the Celtics #5 pick:
Taylor agreed that deal would have been a better one than the deal it ultimately received.

On whether it matters if a player doesn't want to be traded:
The owner said you have to do what is best for your particular team. If there's a conflict, you still have to make that decision.

On whether he feels the organization failed Garnett:
Taylor said collectively they all didn't reach their goals and that KG was both part of the solution and part of the problem.

On particular moves made by the team that he regretted:
Taylor said the long-term contracts with mid-level players didn't produce the expected results and that the players signed didn't show any growth.

On conversations between Taylor and Garnett this summer about the player's contract:
Taylor said he did talk to KG and McHale talked to his agent. The owner said Garnett's side wanted a 3-year, $60 million deal. When asked if they were willing to take less, KG/his agent refused. The owner said that type of money paid over 5 years was going to cause problems with finding people to put around Garnett.

On convincing Wolves fans it's worth it to pay attention to the team over the next couple years:
Taylor talked about the excitement that comes from putting together a young group of players and watching them grow and develop in front of your own eyes. He said the team wants to put together a group of people who are "we" players because last season there were too many "me" players on the team.