Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wolves Updates 8/7

The team's news conference to introduce the new players is today at at 2pm.

Owner Glen Taylor is scheduled to be on the air with Chad Hartman at KFAN at 3:30pm.

The Journal-Standard talks to Troy Hudson about the events of the last week:
It's definitely been a hectic week. For me it's been a blessed week as far as my contract is concerned. I got bought out, and I think that was in the best interests of me, the best interests of the Minnesota Timberwolves and the best interests of my family, and I think God has put me in the position right now that has turned out to be great for me. So that was sweet. But the bitter came with the bridge falling down and a lot of people in that community being killed...

On the Garnett trade, T-Hud said "It wasn't a shock at all" and that the move was "overdue."

Hudson also says he's going to work out for San Antonio and "see what the opportunity is there."

From Desmond Conner/Hartford Courant:
Letting Gomes go was more difficult for the Celtics than you might think. He had shown potential as an inside/mid-range threat, was a great ambassador for the organization off the court and he could have thrived next to K.G. in the post.

Gomes on joining the Wolves:
"I'm still going to work hard, and I'm still going to do things in the community in Minnesota," he said. "That's just who I am, no matter where I am."

From DLIC/Free Darko:
The only real benefit that I can discern from the KG trade is a crucial step on the path first braved by Gilbert Arenas, and aided by Baron Davis' bullet Fedora. A watershed moment for the League Of Stars onward march. That is: The recognition of pure CELEBRITY on smaller market/non-contending teams.

Russ Bengtson/SLAM Online on a quest for a KG Celtics t-shirt in NYC.

From Bob Sansevere/Pioneer Press:
Folks would feel better about the trade if it had been someone other than Wolves Vice President Kevin McHale who made the deal. McHale has been cited as the primary source for the Wolves' ineptitude. As a player, McHale was popular and a larger-than-life figure, like Paul Bunyan, in Minnesota. Nowadays, he's about as popular as a bunion. I'm not as down on him as others, but he has made some lousy decisions. Trading Garnett isn't necessarily one of them. By dumping Garnett's salary, at least the Wolves will have some money to work with and a chance to start building around young players.