Monday, August 06, 2007

Wolves Updates 8/6

Using "league and team sources," Shira Springer/Boston Globe describes the events leading up to the Garnett trade. Springer refers to it as "a study in the ups and downs, starts and stops of deal-making in the NBA."

Springer also notes that Garnett's choice of #5 was "symbolic of being the fifth pick in the 1995 NBA draft."

From Mitch Lawrence/New York Daily News:
What Garnett didn't reveal was that during those talks with Taylor, he reiterated that he did not want to be traded. According to people who spoke with Taylor, the fiercely loyal Garnett told the owner he wanted to re-sign with Minnesota next summer when he had a chance to opt for free agency. But Taylor informed Garnett he would only re-sign him if Garnett agreed to take a pay cut.

From a letter sent to the Star Tribune:
Retire No. 21 right now. Retire it to serve as a reminder of the qualities we admire in sports stars and public figures. Retire it to acknowledge that nobody as good will ever wear a Wolves uniform. Retire it to thank KG.

From Peter May/Boston Globe:
Ainge has dumped nine players on McHale in the last 18 months. Nine! And we're not talking the '71-72 Lakers roster. ("They ought to retire his number again," e-mailed one reader.) Three of the four players Ainge got in return were top-six draft picks. None of the nine he gave up was a top-12 draft pick. He got McHale to take clubhouse problems Mark Blount and Ricky Davis, and then pried Kevin Garnett away with the potential of Al Jefferson and four other maybes, one of whom has an unfortunate history with firearms.

Matt Kamalsky/Draft Express lists Randy Foye in his All-Summer League: Honorable Mention category.

David Berri/Wages Of Wins journal on how the "Super-Star theory" relates to Garnett.

From Frank Haataja /Mesaba Daily News on the trade.