Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Updates Part III

RandBall addresses the Garnett trade rumors.

From Ryan Kibbe/KSTP:
Right now, the Wolves remain air-tight. I'm not saying that's all bad. Problem is, it's hard to separate fact from fiction since the information flows from other organizations only (and each with a public agenda).

DeROK wants to shout "from the rooftops of the Target Center. “We, the fans, will not tolerate a Kevin Garnett trade!”

From John Nadel/AP Sports:
Bird said it might be time for Garnett to go.
"Kevin Garnett's been with Minnesota for years," he said. "There comes a time where both parties might want to just separate."

Kare 11 on the Wolves/Lakers rumors:
A source tells KARE 11 News the talks are serious, but pulling off a trade will be very complicated...

Garnett has reportedly been trying to reach Bryant to talk.

Kelly Dwyer/SI.com ranks the league's personnel bosses and puts Kevin McHale dead last.
There is still hope. A Garnett deal with Boston (for Al Jefferson, assorted other youngsters and Theo Ratliff's expiring contract) would be nice, though we don't see Phoenix getting desperate enough to send Amaré Stoudemire to Minnesota for KG. Chicago is out of the picture unless McHale wants to take on Ben Wallace (we wouldn't put that past him).