Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Garnett/Rest of the league Updates

From Steve Bulpett/Boston Herald:
Sources continued to state that while the Celtics-Garnett matter shows signs of waning, neither side is willing to put it to bed.
“It is not dead,” said one involved source. “I’d just leave it at that.”

Said a personnel man from another club, “That’s why teams don’t like it when things get out about trade talks. The Celtics and Minnesota were talking for a while, and they might have been able to pull something off if they could have kept it quiet. But once it got out, other teams started seeing what they could do.”

But, the source added, the Celts’ offer with Jefferson and the No. 5 pick at its heart, is probably the best the Wolves can get. “That’s why this thing is still going,” he said.

From Gery Woelfel/Journal Times:
The Atlanta Hawks are also making a concerted pitch for Garnett. The Hawks, who are in desperate need a franchise-type player, are dangling their two lottery picks – Nos. 3 and 11 – and other considerations for Garnett.

From Ken Berger/Newsday:
The rapid acceleration of the Garnett talks on the heels of his public rejection of possibly being dealt to Boston, coupled with Taylor's intervention in the matter, only buttressed the notion that Minnesota has been "pushing Garnett hard" to multiple teams, a person with knowledge of the situation said Monday...

On the Suns working out 4 draft prospects unlikely to be available to them with their current picks:
The person with knowledge of the workouts also confirmed that the Suns and Celtics have engaged in "pretty legit" discussions involving the No. 5 pick and Shawn Marion...

Mike McGraw/Daily Herald on the Bulls:
Addressing the media in advance of Thursday’s NBA draft, Paxson said there was nothing going on in regard to Bryant, who has demanded a trade from the Los Angeles Lakers, or Garnett, reportedly being shopped by Minnesota.

From Frank Isola/New York Daily News:
According to one team executive, the Knicks were never involved in a deal for Garnett because "they don't have the pieces to get a deal done."

From Chris McCosky/Detroit News:

As for the Pistons, they made some inquiries about Shawn Marion of the Suns, but they knew they didn't have the right pieces to make a legitimate run at Garnett.