Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Garnett/Lakers Updates

From Mike Bresnahan and Mark Heisler/LA Times:
Minnesota owner Glen Taylor was expected to be in the Timberwolves' offices this morning before departing for a honeymoon in China. His appearance at team headquarters suggested a quick resolution on the Lakers' proposal, which includes forward Lamar Odom and center Andrew Bynum.

However, sources said that Kevin McHale, the Timberwolves' vice president of basketball operations, wasn't keen on the Lakers' offer.

From Jonathan Givony/Draft Express:
Look for something to happen very soon for the Timberwolves, who are, in one executive's words "committed to trading Kevin Garnett right now." We spoke to multiple teams tonight who all claim that there they are very active in trade talk, with another Western Conference executive stating that in his opinion it was 50/50 between the Lakers and Phoenix as to who will get him.

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
Looking at what the Lakers have to offer, it appears at least one other team would have to be brought into the mix in order to satisfy the Wolves' needs.

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press on possible trade scenarios.

Eric Pincus/Hoopsworld writes that getting KG is "a deal the Lakers have to make."

From Sean Deveney/Sporting News:
"Minnesota obviously needs to make a deal," says one general manager. "But they need to get something back for him. They can't give this guy away."

From Gregg Patton/The Press-Enterprise:
I don't know about you, but if I'm a Lakers fan and I see the name "McHale," I cringe. If I'm Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis, I still instinctively touch my head and see if it's still attached to my neck. I'm probably having flashbacks to the 1984 NBA Finals when the former Celtics forward clotheslined me on a layup, back in the day when Celtics and Lakers really, really did not like each other very much.

And THAT McHale is going to do the Lakers the great favor of tossing them all-world forward Kevin Garnett to help turn them back into an NBA championship contender?

From Kevin Ding/The Orange Country Register:
Bringing Garnett, 31, in to play with Bryant, 29 in August, would set the Lakers up with a one-two combo to rival the glorious Bryant-Shaquille O'Neal tandem. In a March interview with The Register, Bryant said he and Garnett talk on the phone, adding: "I love KG."

From Michael Ventre/MSNBC:
Kevin Garnett is a festive, decorative Band-Aid, at least when it comes to the possibility of him playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.