Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Updates Part II

From Jerry Brown/East Valley Tribune:
Sources say the Suns remain interested in Garnett, but adamant they will not trade Stoudemire to get him.

From Shira Springer/Boston Globe:
According to league sources, McHale doesn’t want to do the deal unless Al Jefferson is included in the package sent to the Timberwolves.

The Celtics have been working the phones to trade the No. 5 pick since receiving it in the draft lottery May 22. But Ainge has been extremely reluctant to part with Jefferson, according to team and league sources.

Chad Ford/ESPN on yesterday's rumored four-way deal:
At least one other GM believes that Taylor isn't going to trade KG to the Lakers (a.k.a. the enemy) and would have eventually balked anyway. If that's the case, someone needs to sit him and Kevin McHale down and tell them that, at this point, getting some first-round picks and massive cap room would be a good deal for KG. If they wait much longer, he'll walk for nothing.

So, anyway ... what has to give? Either the Celtics decide to include Jefferson in the deal (very, very unlikely) or the other three teams try to find a way to sweeten the pot for Minnesota.

From Stephen Litel/Downtown Journal:
Kevin Garnett needs to stay in Minnesota in order for Ron Artest’s arrival to happen…and Ron Artest’s arrival needs to happen in order for Kevin Garnett to get some things he has been requesting on this team, enabling for Garnett to remain a Timberwolf.