Monday, June 18, 2007 on Garnett trade rumors

From Ian Thomsen/
Sources from several NBA teams say the Wolves have been making calls to gauge Garnett's trade value throughout the league. The most provocative conversation of which I've heard has been with the Phoenix Suns, who are said to be ambivalent about moving 24-year-old Amaré Stoudemire to Minnesota in a package for Garnett, 31.

A league source understood the talks with Phoenix to be in a preliminary stage, saying, "They're not hot yet.''

It may be that the Wolves are merely assessing Garnett's value amid speculation by rival teams that they've kept him too long...

Thomsen writes that it's his "understanding" that GM Jim Stack, not Kevin McHale, is the one on making the calls about Garnett. This, he says, allows McHale to:
-"maintain deniability on possible trades"
-"honestly say that he hasn't talked to other teams about Garnett"

If Garnett is to be moved, then McHale will take the hit for doing it, which would allow McHale's successor (rumored to be assistant GM Fred Hoiberg) to start fresh without being held responsible for dealing the best player in franchise history.