Monday, June 18, 2007

KFAN interview with Hoiberg

Chris Hawkey/KFAN talked to Fred Hoiberg this afternoon about, among other topics, Chad Ford's article on a Garnett trade. You can listen to the interview here.

Hoiberg said there will always be rumors because teams call around all the time looking to make improvements. He called Ford's "Garnett to the Celtics" talk a "hot rumor." When asked if the team was listening to offers for KG now more so than ever before, Hoiberg replied that they're always looking to improve the team and that he wouldn't say anything else on the matter. In other words, Hoiberg said nothing to shed more light on Ford's article.

On draft prospects, Hoiberg said that
-Al Horford and Mike Conley Jr. were working out for the team on Wednesday
-they had plans to watch Yi Jianlian workout
-the team would also watch Brandan Wright workout

On Randy Foye, Hoiberg said that while the player has point guard skills, he doesn't see him as a pure point guard and would like to see him play off the ball a little this year.