Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wolves Updates 5/1

From the Pioneer Press:
Garnett was selected to the NBA all-defensive second team for the second time in his career after leading the league in rebounding for the fourth consecutive season. Garnett has been on the all-defensive first team six times.

Joining Garnett on the second team are Ben Wallace, Kirk Hinrich, Jason Kidd, and Tayshaun Prince.

The first team is made up of Tim Duncan, Bruce Bowen, Marcus Camby, Kobe Bryant, and Raja Bell.

From Eddie Sefko/The Dallas Morning News:
Kevin Garnett and Nowitzki have had similar career paths. And Garnett has heard the same insinuations that Nowitzki is bound to hear if things do not turn around in a hurry.

"You guys got to make headlines and do what you got to do to make controversy," Garnett said of the media. "So you sometimes say [smelly] kind of things. It's never fair. But at the same time, it motivates the player. The player really cares less about what you guys think."

Coach Wittman on the team's "Blueprint for the Future" and whether he'd want a player other than Garnett to lead the team:
No. Obviously, if this can be done, you have to do it with Garnett. Players like him come around once in a lifetime. Everything involved, not just as a player. But what he does for the community, what he does for kids, how he handles himself. He’s never in the papers. Those things are qualities that we’d like to see from everybody, and when you have it, you don’t want to lose it...

Wolves President Chris Wright says he wants to "adopt the Phoenix plan" in regards to competition between the Target Center and newer local sports arenas:
"What Phoenix did was put $80 million into the city's older arena. New wide corridors, refurbished suites, an interactive area for families in the second deck that's always sold out ... it's great."