Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stabbing outside of Ricky Davis's apartment while player was out of town

According to Fox 9 News, Alonge McClaid, the man Ricky Davis recently hired as his personal chef, was stabbed outside of the player's apartment on Monday night. Witnesses told police that Ricky Davis was out of town when the incident took place.

The witness says McClaid stumbled out of the elevator and staggered into the lobby, after being stabbed in the abdomen.

McClaid's injury is so severe that he remains still hospitalized at HCMC a day later. Sources close to the investigation tell us one of Davis's friends inside of the apartment instigated the confrontation. Words escalated first into a fist fight that others in the apartment broke up; then a second scuffle erupted; and finally a third fight, this time with a knife.

The police say it isn't clear what the fight was about and that they are still looking for the suspect.