Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Taylor to get more involved with team

According to Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune, "the dynamic at Target Center will change" this offseason. Owner Glen Taylor says there are going to be changes in the front office that include himself and the "expanded front office" (which includes Rob Babcock, Fred Hoiberg, and Jim Stack) being more involved in making decisions for the team.

"In the past, I have pushed [decision-making] back on McHale," Taylor said. "This time we'll do it more as a team. ... I have a habit of trusting people, and trusting scenarios when I'm told things. I'm very good when I've gotten involved. But I have been successful by trusting other people, giving them the flexibility to make difficult decisions. But when it hasn't worked, I've gotten involved."

Youngblood also writes that Taylor says he doesn't intend on trading Garnett and that "almost everyone on the roster -- with the exceptions of Garnett, guards Randy Foye and Rashad McCants and forward Craig Smith -- is fair game for potential trades."