Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wolves Updates 4/24

From Michael Rand/Star Tribune:
Fans can always handle a certain level of losing if they believe there is reasonable expectation for a turnaround. But when Vice President Kevin McHale says he's coming back, Randy Wittman's coming back and Kevin Garnett isn't going anywhere -- leaving the trade of junk for (hopefully) slightly better junk or getting lucky in the lottery as the only way this team could improve -- you get 90 percent of 4,000-plus voters responding "yes" to a Startribune.com poll asking, "Is it time for Kevin McHale to go?"

The Pioneer Press on Kevin McHale's announcement during last week's press conference that he was responsible for "putting that team on the floor, and the coaches that coach it."
That's pretty much what he said after the 2005-06 season ended: "I should be criticized. We did not have the type of year that we wanted to have or expected to have or anything like that, and it falls on my shoulders. I hired the coach. I brought the players in, and it didn't work."

Derok.net has posted a season wrap. Make sure to check it out.

John Hollinger/ESPN during his Monday chat on a question regarding the Wolves offseason:
Best of all, they still have Garnett, which ensures they won't be bad enough to have a reasonable chance of winning the lottery. So look for another five years or so of 34-48. Here's my question: If McHale doesn't want to leave the team in the state its in right now, doesn't that mean he'll never leave?

The titles of this article and this article could be confusing for Wolves fans.