Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wolves Updates 4/8

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Establishing a home-court advantage is one of the keys to success in the NBA. The Timberwolves are in serious jeopardy of finishing with their worst home winning percentage since 1995-96.

Stephon Marbury said he wants to play with Garnett again, but not in Minnesota:
"I just wouldn't want to go back there," Marbury said yesterday morning's shoot-around. "I wouldn't want to live in Minnesota again. If he came to New York, that would be great. I would love for him to play in New York. I'd love to play with Kevin again."

Mark Blount talks about growing up in Yonkers:
"I was a high school kid. What did I know?" Blount said. "You think people are there for you, and you have to learn to make better decisions for yourself. You just have to stay with it. No one says life's going to be perfect. I made a lot of mistakes, and maybe they were supposed to be made so I won't make them now."

Coach Wittman on Randy Foye's development:
"As a rookie, it's a big adjustment," Wittman said. "I think he's handled it pretty well. We've thrown in a lot of difficult situations. He's started some; we've brought him off the bench. For a rookie to come in, he's learned a lot and proven that he's got a bright future."

Foye, MVP of last year's Las Vegas Summer League, on whether he'd play this year:
I know I don't have to play. But I wouldn't not play just because of that. If they thought it would be good for me or help the team, I think I'd play.

From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:
Word is the Timberwolves and interim coach Randy Wittman are working on a new three-year head coaching deal.

From Hoopsworld's NBA Rumor Mill:
A highly placed Timberwolves source said they expected Kevin McHale to return next year, and that Randy Wittman was also a strong candidate to return as head coach. It was also said the team is far more likely to make aggressive trades to bring in veterans to surround Kevin Garnett than to trade him...