Friday, April 06, 2007

Wolves Updates 4/6

Knicks coach Isiah Thomas on Garnett:
"I've always had great respect for Kevin," Thomas said. "He's a throw-back kind of guy because he's a guy who has really taken responsibility of wanting to do it for the team he plays for. He's not looking to hitch his ride to a championship. He wants to do it on his own, and there have been a lot of great players who have tried to hitch their rides to get one and haven't been successful at it.

"So, you've got to admire his loyalty to his teammates and the organization, and he always leaves it up to the organization to make the decision, rather than him making the decision."

From Sid Hartman:
Even if the Wolves finish with one of the NBA's 10 worst records, they still could end up giving the Clippers their No. 1 draft choice stemming from the Marko Jaric-Cassell deal. It's not where they finish in the league, but where they end up picking that matters. If a team jumps ahead of them in the draft lottery and the Wolves end up picking 11th or lower, they forfeit the pick. If they draft 10th or higher, they keep the pick.

The above picture of Trenton Hassell, owner Glen Taylor, and KG is from the recent Taste of the Timberwolves event.

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
Trenton Hassell didn't want to talk Thursday, but he spent his time during practice speaking volumes. He worked hard, ran hard, tried hard to show coach Randy Wittman that he's still in the game, mentally, even if he's out of the starting lineup.

This is exactly what Wittman is hoping to see.

From Dan Barreiro/KFAN:
TV ratings from Tuesday night: Twins (with Boof Bonser pitching), 11.9; Wild (with playoffs already clinched), 2.5, Wolves (with LeBron James in the house), .2.
Not 2.0. Two-tenths of a point.

Judd Zulgad/Star Tribune reports on the overall tv ratings for the Wolves and other local sports teams. He also mentions the following:
"NBA Access" with Ahmad Rashad will focus its entire half-hour show on Wolves forward Kevin Garnett at noon Saturday on KSTP (Ch. 5).

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Asked if all-star Kevin Garnett might be mentally tired, Wittman said: "We're all a little mentally tired with where we're at. He is, too."

A preview of tonight's game at the Knicks.