Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Marc Stein interview with Garnett

Marc Stein /ESPN has a great interview with Garnett in which he asks the player about the team having another losing season, the Wolves being convinced that Iverson was coming to Minnesota, and his reaction to people like Charley Barkley and Reggie Miller saying he needs to ask for a trade:

I was telling some friends the other day, my analogy is a house. I've helped build a house or I've built a house [in Minneapolis]. It had old wood in it and I replaced it with special wood and it became a beautiful place. But now because things aren't working right, now you ask me to move out of something that I helped build. That's hard...

On being asked about the local sentiment that "the end is near for the Kevin Garnett era in Minnesota," KG says that he's going to finish the season off "110 percent" and then "assess" what he's going to do.

Stein also asks KG if he thinks the team will make "major changes" even if it doesn't trade the player:
There's got to be. F--- yeah. I think [head coach] Randy Wittman would echo that, so it's not just me.