Sunday, April 08, 2007

K.G. Cam

FSN North decided to add a "K.G. Cam" to their broadcast of last night's loss. For those who didn't see it, Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press provides a description:
In addition to a shot of the game, there was a separate smaller picture focused on Garnett throughout the game, including when he was resting on the bench...

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune points out that yesterday's game may not have been the "best time" for the gimmick because Garnett's double-figure scoring streak almost ended and the player logged only 31 minutes of playing time.

Garnett said he didn't know about camera until after the game:
"They said it's to show my emotion or how I am in the game, or my hard work, I don't know," Garnett said. "I don't do too much work on the bench when I'm sitting down. All my work is in the games."