Friday, April 20, 2007

Wolves Updates 4/20

From Sid Hartman:
Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor won't talk about it, nor will Kevin Garnett, but the gossip around the Target Center is that Garnett recently talked to Taylor about a contract extension. Garnett is signed through next season, then becomes a free agent.

Hartman also writes that Bracey Wright says he won't return, Mike James isn't sure he'll be back, and T-Hud "wants out."

Britt Robson/On The Ball writes a season wrap which ends with the following:
There is not a single player on this team that had a really good year. Not one.

I Dislike Your Favorite Team draws comparisons between Kevin McHale and George W Bush.

Patrick Reusse/Star Tribune on yesterday's press conference with McHale:
Once again, the Big Lie was for McHale to suggest he could be successful in making trades, without including Kevin Garnett in such discussions.

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
The news was McHale essentially admitting that, more than a decade after assuming control of the team, the Wolves today are much the same as the Christian Laettner, J.R. Rider-bunch he inherited, warts and all, years ago. And that will be difficult to change.

From Stephen Litel/City Pages Sports blog:
At the very least, as I have stated all year, a vast majority of these players are friends off the court. The problem? Most are not friends with Kevin Garnett. Throughout the season, there was never a sense that Garnett himself was a member of this "team." He did his own thing, separate from the rest, leading by example on the court while allowing the dysfunction to continue off the court.

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From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:

The Timberwolves say they have had a season-ticket renewal rate of nearly 70 percent on almost 7,000 ticketsand have sold about 600 new full season tickets.

Tony Mejia/CBS Sportsline gives his "toast of the year" award to Dwane Casey:
Burnt, that is. That was Minnesota's Dwane Casey, fired despite coaching the Timberwolves to a 20-20 mark. I called it a ridiculous firing then, and have been proven right by what's happened since, with replacement Randy Wittman finishing up 12-30.